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Notice of AGM 2023

Updated on 2 April 2023

Notice is hereby given that the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Parish of Christ Church will be held on 22 Apr 2023, Saturday at 4:00 pm at the Christ Church Sanctuary.

AGM Time Line 2023e.JPG


  1. Opening Prayer & Hymn

  2. Chairman’s Message

  3. Paying Respect to the departed members

  4. House Rules

  5. Confirmation of Quorum

  6. Appointment of Vicar’s Warden

  7. Election of Hon Secretary (if any)

  8. Election of PCC 2023/2024 (if any)

  9. Confirmation of Minutes 2022 & Acceptance of Reports                                    9.1 Confirmation of AGM 2022 Minutes.                                                  9.2 Confirmation of EOGM 2023 Minutes.                                                  9.3 Acceptance of Ministry Reports 2022.

  10. Q & A from AGM Minutes, EOGM Minutes & Ministry Reports

  11. Financial Statements:                                                                              11.1  Acceptance of Audited Financial Statements for 2022                            11.2  Acceptance of the Budget for the year 2023                                    11.3  Q&A from Financial Statements

​12. Appointment of Auditor for 2023

13. Resolutions (if any) **

14. Any Other Business**

15. Closing Address & Closing Prayer.​

** A written notice of any motion for discussion at the AGM shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary not later than 07 days before the AGM date. All written notices shall be sent to by 16 April 2023, 7pm. 


All Electoral Roll Members of Christ Church are encouraged to participate in the AGM 2023. As we come together, let us seek the Lord's grace to guide us in the entire conduct of this AGM.


To HIM be all glory and honour.

Mrs Angeline Ponniah

Honorary Secretary

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